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ECO MARINE is a Polish company, that is a distributor of exclusive motor yachts. Our main goal is to sell yachts of the highest quality, corresponding to the expectations of custommers. The offer of ECO MARINE includes luxurious, carefully designed motor yachts. The vessels offered by ECO MARINE are designed for motor boaters as well as yachtsmen who value nautical properties as well as comfort and convenience of service. 


We are the only one oficial company in Poland, which distributes yachts from the Swedish NIMBUS BOATS wonderful yachts PARAGON shipyards and ALUKIN BOATS - exquisite aluminum boats, as well, as the luxurious yachts from the Taiwanesse HORIZON shipyard.


When choosing a yacht from our offer, you have the chance to discover unusual place, feel the vibrant diversity and taste the uninhibited freedom. A vitalizing dose of sailing energy – this is the  ECO MARINE recipe for a dream holiday!


The establishment of ECO MARINE was inspired by voyages on various seas in sailing and motor yachts. ECO MARINE is a combination of passion and dreams, thanks to which we stay in touch with what we really love and enjoy.


Croatia - it is a place where we fall in love - with the nature its culture, food and most of all with its constantly cherfull inhabitants. Of course we should also mention the excellent conditions for water sports.


The ECO MARINE company is a family - owned bussines that has existed on the market since 2012 and from the beginning has been dealing with the service and chartering of sailing and motor yachts. Despite our short time on the market, we have a lot of experience that comes handy in our work. Both owners and employees have been in the yacht industry for many years. 


Our undertakings are quided by our philosophy - Safety, Quality and ECOlogy. We have been cooperating with yacht manufacturers whose yachts are characterized by a combination of modernity and class, comfort and good attitude toward sport, ecology and luxury. The yachts that we can offer are unique in terms of equipment as well as in terms of sailing comfort.


ECO MARINE thanks to her work and involvement in the promotion and sale of yachts is often rewarded :-)



In October 2014 at the nationwide “Luxury Brand of the Year 2014” Gala, ECO MARINE was awarded for being a company that offered the most luxurious services in 2014. We received the award and the prestigious distinction of the Luxury Brand of the Year 2014. Being among the nominated companies was a great honour and achievement for us.


In November 2016, at the nationwide “Luxury Brand tof the Year 2016” Gala, as a company, that was selling yachts from the Swidisch NIMBUS shipyard, ECO MARINE was again rewarded with the statuette for timelles clasic beauty that meets the highest class design and functionality in the from of NIMBUS yachts, which are build with preservation of the highest standarts of safety and attention to detail confirmed by quality certifications - feel the difference!


In April 2017 at the nationwide "Luxury Brand of the Year 2017 and Successes of the Year 2017" Gala in Warsaw, the our company promoting the yachts of Swedisch shipyard NIMBUS, was rewarded, this time with the Succes of the Year 2017 award.



In October at the Yacht Show - Warsaw Yacht Salon - ECO MARINE was awarded with the 2017 Yacht Champion ststuette.



In April 2018 at the nationwide Gala "Luxury Brand of the Year" and "Successes of the Year" in Lochow near Warsaw, the ECO MARINE Company promoting yachts of the Swedish shipyard NIMBUS was rewarded with the award this year the Success of the Year statuette for NIMBUS BOATS POLAND 2018 - THIS IS A CLASS YOU NEED.




In October 2018, the Wind and Water sailing fairs in Katowice took place, as well as the sailling yachting show Warsaw Yacht Salon. In November 2018, we took part in the Boat Show in Lodz.



The premiere of NIMBUS Weekender W9 at the fair - at the Warsaw Yacht Show we won the award for the best premiere of motor yacht :-)



At the Lodz Boat Show, we won the journalists award in the motor yacht category for Best Comfort and Luxury at 9 meters, not only for the weekend :-)




At the end of November 2018 at the nationwide Gala "Luxury Brand of the Year" and "Successes of the Year" in Janow Podlaski, ECO MARINE Company presenting the magnificent SUP NIMBUS Edition was again awarded the award of the Luxury Product of the Year 2018 award this time.



The headquarters of ECO MARINE are located in Poland, in a small luxurious office building in the centre of Krakow. The offices we own are our direct property. Here we work and talk with our customers. The are only six companies in the office building, so each of them is properly exposed. 


We invite you heartily to visit us...


We are based in Croatia in the Pirovac Marina