Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What should we do first to prepare for a cruise on a charter yacht?

When preparing for a cruise on a charter yacht, we should begin by choosing the vessel that will meet our requirements to the fullest extent. It is necessary to check primary technical data and read frame conditions of the charter and the price-list. You can obtain all practical information concerning a trip to Croatia in the office of Eco Marine or by e-mail upon prior enquiry.

How many persons can sail by yacht?

The maximum acceptable number of persons on board depends on the kind of vessel. The smallest yachts have 2 cabins and can contain 4-6 persons, whereas the biggest vessels can be sailed even by 13 persons. The offer of Eco Marine includes yachts where the maximum number of persons is 10-11. All participants of the cruise must be enlisted as crew members. It is not possible to enlist more persons than stated in the registration certificate of the vessel. Children are also included in this limit, regardless of their age.

What licences/qualifications are necessary to charter a yacht independently?

For Poles chartering a yacht in a EU member state, a Polish certificate of competency (yacht skipper) adequate to the size of the yacht being chartered is sufficient. In Croatia, the Short Range Certificate (SRC) is also required.
If you are not certain about the conformity of your qualifications with requirements, just contact Eco Marine by sending an appropriate enquiry and scanned copies of certificates.

Can a person without relevant licences/qualifications charter a yacht?

Yes, but he/she should do so under the direction of a skipper in such a case.
Is it necessary to pay a security deposit to charter a yacht?
Payment of a security deposit is necessary, but if the yacht is returned in an undeteriorated state after the charter, the deposit is reimbursed in the full amount. Moreover, if any losses resulting from normal wear and tear occur, the shipowner may not deduct any amount from the deposit.
The security deposit is paid before the charter in cash or by blocking funds on the credit card against potential losses that may occur during the charter. The charterer is responsible for losses that may occur on the yacht only within the limit of this amount, and if the cost of damages is higher, the loss is covered from yacht insurance.

What are additional costs of maintenance of a yacht during a charter?

Additional costs include the purchase of fuel. Yachts are made available for a charter with full fuel containers, so it is necessary to return them with the full amount of fuel as well. Apart from this, the charterer pays water tanking charges, port charges and buoy mooring charges.

Is it allowed to take a pet (dog, cat) on a chartered yacht?

Yes, but an extra charge of EUR 50 has to be paid for this.

Are yachts provided with an electric power source?

Each yacht is provided with a 12 V power system. 220 V current is available after connecting a yacht to an onshore system in the marina. Access to 220 V on a yacht outside the marina is provided by an inverter or a power-generating unit available on some large charter vessels.